Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mesina Funeral Home

If any of you know the owners of this funeral parlor in Las Pinas, please tell them that we wish them a slow and painful death. And if anyone finds out that any of these people have died, please let me know, so we will give the families they've left behind a living hell.

Days like this i wish hell really existed. These extorting fuckers will have a suite waiting for them there. Sana lahat ng taong makaramdam ng 20,000 pesos that they extorted from my sister's family, malasin forever and ever and ever.

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El Pancho said...

These bunch of Mother fuckers "Mesina" funeral homes are professional extortionists. My father died in the Las Pinas District Hospital, Doctors are trying to revive him while my mother is is waiting outside the ER scouts from Mesina is trying to close same sale by keep on chasing and bothering my mom. From what I've heard even the district hospital personnel has commissions. Hope the owners die soon from Cancer Slow death.